Indemnity Form

This Indemnity is compulsary for participation in RapiDescent River Rafting Adventures.

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• I hereby acknowledge that neither RapiDescent Adventures, nor its owners, members, servants or agents, shall be in any way liable for injury, loss or damage to person or property sustained by my party or myself.
• I record that I am aware of and accept the inherent risk involved in participating in adventure activities. These risks include loss or damage to property, injury or fatality, accidents in inaccessible places without direct medical facilities and possible exposure due to inclement weather.
• I am aware that we are moving through an area inhabited by wild animals/creatures, and accept the associated risk thereof.
• I also expressly undertake to abide by the instructions given by the guides and employees of RapiDescent Adventures.
• I hereby indemnify RapiDescent Adventures, and/or any landowners / lessees of property where activities take place, against any claims against any of its owners, members, servants, agents or subcontractors, which may arise from any of the foregoing.
• I acknowledge that if I am uncomfortable with a specific activity, I can voluntarily withdraw from the activity but without the expectation of a refund.
• I understand the need to be in good health to participate in adventure activities, and do not hold the company responsible for any medical conditions that may arise.
• I acknowledge that RapiDescent Adventures consider it unsafe to participate in adventure activities when pregnant.
• I acknowledge that RapiDescent Adventures has the right to refuse participation, without a refund, in the event that it considers it unsafe for any participant to take part in any adventure, if that participant is deemed to be unable to participate in a safe and effective manner. This refusal of participation includes a client deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
• I understand that it is my own responsibility to consult a doctor before undertaking an adventure activity, especially if I have pre-existing health considerations.
• I acknowledge that it is my own responsibility to inform RapiDescent Adventures of any pre-existing medical conditions that might have an influence on the safe participation in adventure activities.
I understand that:
• No person shall be allowed to embark upon an activity unless and until, he or she is fully aware of and accepts this indemnity in favour of RapiDescent Adventures, it’s owners, members, servants, agents or subcontractors, or any other associated party, and in the case of a minor, unless this indemnity has been accepted by the parent / guardian of such minor. I also understand that there is an age limit of 8 years for river rafting, and will not allow any minor under that age to participate in such an adventure with RapiDescent Adventures, unless prior arrangement has been made with the owners of RapiDescent Adventures.

  * I declare I have read and understood the indemnity
  As the Parent/Legal guardian of this person, I hereby give my permission for him/her to participate in this Rafting Trip